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New Account FAQs

How do I open an account?

What is the minimum deposit required to open an account?

What information is needed to open a new account?

How do I find out my application status?

Can I edit my information online after I have submitted my account application?

How can I locate my account number?

Do you offer entity accounts like corporate, investment clubs, or trusts?

What is the SGX quiz? Why do I have to pass this quiz to open an account?

What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

How do I enable 2FA?

Deposit and Withdrawal FAQs

How do I fund my account?

When will my funds be available?

I have funded my account. When can I start trading?

How do I request a withdrawal from my account?

Trading FAQs

I have funded my account. When can I start trading?

What type of products can I trade with TD Ameritrade Singapore?

What is a margin account and how does it work?

What is forex? Can I trade forex with TD Ameritrade Singapore?

Can I trade mutual funds at TD Ameritrade Singapore?

What are the trading hours for stocks and options?

Can I trade the extended hours market in the U.S.?

What are basic order types?

How is Day Trading Buying Power (DTBP) calculated?

What is a "pattern day trader"?

How do I know that I have been assigned on a short option?

How do I exercise an option contract prior to expiration?

Please explain automatic exercise at expiration

What are regulatory fees?

Can I place orders over the phone?

What does “buying power" mean?

What does "net liquidity" mean?

What does “negative buying power" mean?

What is "negative net liquidity"?

What is "negative unsecured buying power"?

Can I trade non-U.S. market products like equities and futures on the SGX?

Account Services FAQs

How do I update my email address?

How do I update my address?

How can I reach you by phone?

How will I receive my monthly account statement?

How can I access my account statement?

Can I access my past account statements?

How do I designate limited trading authorisation?

Does TD Ameritrade Singapore provide tax advice for customers?

Will TD Ameritrade Singapore give trading advice?

Can I link my account?

What is the amount of insurance protection on my account?

What are TD Ameritrade Singapore's commission rates?

What is the options regulatory fee (ORF)?

Who is TD Ameritrade, Inc.?

Who is TD Ameritrade Futures & Forex LLC?

How will I receive contract notes from TD Ameritrade Singapore?

What are stock borrowing fees?

How does email confirmation work?

What is limited trading authorisation?

Does TD Ameritrade Singapore participate in the Customer Identification Program?

Will I have to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST)?

Who is TD Ameritrade Clearing, Inc.?

Technical Support FAQs

Why can't I see the document upload link?

How do I install the thinkorswim platform?

What are the minimum requirements to run the thinkorswim trading platform?

I’m experiencing difficulty while attempting to download or use the thinkorswim platform at work or on a public network. What can I do?

What happens if my Internet connection is disrupted while I am logged in to the thinkorswim software?

Do I need to have the TD Ameritrade Singapore website running to use the trading platform?

Why is my username and/or password being rejected?

Get up to 100 commission-free trades*