Investment Products

Trade the world through U.S. markets

Open up your potential to trade the world with access to the U.S. stock, ETF, options, and futures markets at a low cost.

At TD Ameritrade, we don't charge platform or data fees. Low commissions always apply and access to a trading specialist is always free—no matter your account balance or trading frequency.

All you need to build and manage your portfolio

Having access to a wide variety of online trading and investment choices, powerful trading platforms, and education can help you build a portfolio suited to your needs.

  • Options

    From simple single option trades to complex multi-legged strategies, take advantage of different market conditions on the world's most liquid options market.

  • Futures

    Trade nearly 24/6 and diversify your portfolio with access to over 50 of the most liquid futures products, including equity indices, energy, currencies, metals, and more.

  • Stocks & ETFs

    With over 5,000 listed securities from different sectors and industries, trading the U.S. markets may seem overwhelming. Scan for stocks and ETFs that meet your criteria, and easily filter out the ones that don’t with our thinkorswim platform.

Get up to 100 commission-free trades*